Day 42 – The Lawyers, The Sitch and The Walk-in Wardrobe

Bring on the tunes
Bring on the tunes

It’s been a week since I’ve written. It’s not because I’m lazy, I promise. So much to say, and this three-hour plane ride from Houston to Newark is the perfect time to get it all down. Especially since Captain Hilarity, the funniest flight attendant in the skies comically inspires me. He started with something about those in the exit rows who just don’t give a function and ended with calling attention to a woman standing holding up 145 other passengers. Ah, the little laughs get me every time.

This guy gives a function
This guy gives a function

TUESDAY: OK let’s start from the beginning. Got on a plane in Newark and headed to Austin, Texas, for my final interviewing stage. The agency I have been speaking with for almost two months booked me a hotel, got me a car and I believed were ready to SHOW ME THE MONEY! But first, I did what all people do in a new city. I went on a date 🙂

His name is tree hugging, Earth-loving, environmental lawyer and I met him in an airport in New York a couple months ago. I really love airports apparently. Really nice, Austin-born gentleman found me on LinkedIn and we’ve exchanged a few emails. Basically, if you ever make it to Austin, let’s grab a drink. So, he picked me up at my hotel and in the warm dusk of night we had a drink (outside!) and some wonderful dinner and then we shared a gigantic piece of red velvet cake. I’m in love. Seriously. It was the best cake I’ve ever had (and you thought I was going to say something else). With early agency meetings, it was an early night and with a quick kiss on the cheek I bid my cowboy adieu.

Cake and Champagne
Cake and Champagne

WEDNESDAY: The agency lies in the Hill Country part of town and as I drove (like a grandma) up the multi-lane highway I saw monstrous mansions aligning the tops of the cliffs overlooking the city of Austin. Maybe one day I’ll get to see the view from up there. I bet it is stunning, you know being God’s country and all.

Walking into a new potential job is a little like walking into high school for the first time. You’re the no-named new guy. I did feel like that. Until I actually made it down the hall and immediately saw the chalk board wall full of song requests, a couple of turn tables, a shelving unit full or DJ equipment and records and music festival and band posters lining every inch of space. As a music lover, nothing makes me feel more at ease than a real life soundtrack. From there, it just got better.

After a couple of meetings with directors, CMOs, fellow writers and persons of all advertising walks of life, I was done. Part 2 of my day consisted of meeting with my agency-appointed broker, Steve. Steve is awesome and his apartment locating services are free. Remember, I don’t have an offer, so telling Steve my budget is a little like a guessing game. I have ZERO idea what a salary offer would be, so I gave him a range.

Me: $850 – $1300.

Steve: Are you serious? That’s everything in Austin. I have 11,000 listings.

Me: I’m leaving Thursday, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Steve: OK, what are you looking for? What’s a deal breaker.

Me: Washer, Dryer, Pool, Gym, Updated kitchen, Dishwasher, Hardwood Floors, Carpeted Bedroom, Walk-in-Closet, Hot Single Neighbors.

Steve: Oh, dear Lord.

Believe it or not, this man found me an apartment with EVERYTHING I asked for in all ranges of budget. A 1980s gem for $850, a brand spanking new resort NEXT DOOR to “my office” for $1050 and the well-known, cosmopolitan apartments known as The Domain for $1225. Every single one of them could have fit my full-sized bed I kept in my tiny one-room apartment in the wardrobe. I’m in renter’s heaven—700-800 square foot bachelorette pads just waiting for me.

Even the pools are shaped like Texas
Even the pools are shaped like Texas

Oh, and did I mention the security deposits in Austin are around $150. I’m not kidding. You don’t need first and last month + 1 month security. I had to fork over almost 4 grand for my UES joint. I can get one of these for a $45 application fee and a smile. Alas, no job, no apartment. I left Steve. Feeling confused, longing for an offer and went back to the hotel.

Exhausted, I put myself to bed early… until my other lawyer friend called and told me if I came downtown around 9:30 to see a band called The Spazmatics I wouldn’t be disappointed. Hell, if this guy, Mr. All Business is making such promising claims I had to take his word for it. I got there before him and he showed up with two beautiful ladies. It sorta crossed my mind, who wouldn’t be disappointed tonight? It turned out to be a fun night and I’m glad to got to hang out outside, see the nerdy 80s cover band and Mr. All Business and I had at least 3 things we agreed on. RECORD! (I can get into our friendship later)

The Spazmatics nerd out on Wednesday's
The Spazmatics nerd out on Wednesday’s

Thursday: Lunch date with a couple of the folks over at the agency. We had a great time, talked, and got to know each other. But, what was it all for? Where was the offer? Would there be an offer? With a trip to LA approaching in less than 48 hours I was determined to know what was next.

I got my answers in the Austin airport an hour later. My contact and future boss called me to offer me the job! With a brief discussion about the logistics we both agreed that after two months we were happily committing to employee/employer.

Thumbs up to exciting news
Thumbs up to exciting news

So, here I am, 42 days after being let go from a special hell, solo celebrating with a G&T on my flight back to the northeast for the last time until TBD. Unemployed no longer starting TBD. I feel great. I feel more than great. I’m elated. I’m going to say goodbye to my spectacularly supportive parents and head out into the great (un)known. Maybe I’ll even stop in Tennessee, but that’s another story.

7 thoughts on “Day 42 – The Lawyers, The Sitch and The Walk-in Wardrobe

  1. Katie Gray

    I have lived in Houston since 2003! I have yet to visit Austin, but hope to sometime this year. I know that sounds crazy for living so close. Maybe we could catch up over a drink and some music sometime!! I love reading your blog. I have a best friend who lives in New York and reading your earlier posts, I felt like I was talking to her. 🙂 Best of luck with all your adventures!!

    1. Hi Katie! It’s so good to hear from you. I have admired your beautiful engagement pictures and had no idea you lived in Texas. We absolutely have to make an effort to have a drink. Thank you so much for reading the blog and following the sometimes craziness of it all. I will message you my number privately. Talk soon!

      1. Katie Gray

        Thank you so much!! We had a lot of fun shooting them with my sister. 🙂 I moved to Houston in 2003 and have been happily living here since! I really love Texas and what is has to offer. I will say that after a few drinks, my Jersey accent will peak out from time-to-time though. Lol! Yes, we will def have to catch up once you are all settled in Austin!

  2. Jenny made severing the city look so easy. She leaves the city Jan 31st and has a new job on lined up by Feb. 20th in wonderful Austin, TX. As her Mom, I know this has been a 1 1/2 to 2 year struggle; soul-searching about what she loved about the city and what she hated about the city; what she wanted for life – work balance; what she could do without and what she needed. I’m glad that we are close and that she can talk to me, although there are times when I wish she had lost my number (and she knows that.) In the last 5 years we’ve become pretty good friends – that’s the best part about your children growing up. It was hard for me to be that friend when Jenny started talking about moving to Australia – no job, no friends, no income – WHAT, ARE YOU CRAZY??? But I never said that – after all she’s almost 30 – I just listened and if it happened I would have wished the best for her. Now I can encouraged her to vacation in Australia with the money she’ll have saved from having a job. I’m excited as she starts apartment hunting in Austin and hopefully she won’t mix up the walk-in closet for her NYC bedroom or try to run groceries up the stairs forgetting that elevators do exist. I dropped her and her one way ticket out of the NE at Newark airport today. I don’t know when she’ll be back in Jersey but I now have an option to visit Austin because she was able to severe the city. I wish you the best and love you very much Jenny!

    1. Thank you for all the encouragement and love. I just had to say, it wasn’t that fast or easy, it just worked out in the end making it look that way. And my grand ideas are NEVER CRAZY, lol. Thank you for supporting me through the good and bad ideas though, I couldn’t have made such a big life change without you and dad! XOXOX I love you always.

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