It’s a Whine Bottle Kinda Night

I may punch mother nature
I may punch mother nature

Not a typo. Is it just me, or is everyone else living in the eastern seaboard just like fucking fed up with this weather?! Every week it’s snowing or going to snow or sleeting or raining or just flat out ruining shit. Now, given my circumstances, I’m pretty flexible. I don’t have to trudge through wet, slippery subways or go into an office that’s been left empty by Jersians who didn’t make it in, or those (managers) working remotely. I realize that.

That being said, after almost 7 weeks of interviewing with an agency in Austin, my final step was canceled due to this incoming snow storm. The agency booked me a flight, car and hotel for Thursday to Friday, and that was no easy task in itself. We had to communicate frequently for timing and after 2 days on the phone I was good to go. Until Southwest Airlines sent me a text saying EWR was closed. CLOSED?! How is an entire airport closed?

Now it could be worse. I could be asked NOT to come. I could no longer be considered a candidate. But these are Texans and as I hear it, Texans are welcoming folks. Even to the point where these Texans have paired me with an apartment broker who can work with me remotely to find the housing of my dreams. Now that I’ve sold all my stuff maybe my dreams just come with an air mattress and strong shower head (I will be alone after all).

So tonight, instead of printing boarding passes and ironing shirts I’m foregoing dinner for a Hersey’s Chocolate Bar and bottle of white, with a side of whine. There is good news. The agency isn’t holding me accountable for the weather (Texan’s are smart) and after many more frustrating back-and-forth phone calls, I’ll be heading to Austin next Tuesday through Thursday.

This HAS to be the final decision by both them and myself because on Saturday I leave for L.A. with a one way plane ticket, and from there I am headed to San Diego or starting a life in Austin. Both are exciting prospects and the best part… NO SNOW! So, I guess I don’t really have anything to whine about. I mean it could be worse. My friend Amanda is stuck in Asia with canceled flights for days.

Now… who has advice on “must-dos” in L.A.? I’m thinking hiking in Malibu, tackling my fear of heights at Universal Studios and of course seeing the Hollywood sign.



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