A Little Closer, A Little Farther

Heading South
Heading South


Richmond, V.A., February 6, 2014.

All days seem ordinary until something more happens. I had plans to go to Richmond Friday, but I woke up early to some concerning messages Thursday morning. My long-time best friend, Nina, lives in Richmond and she asked me to come early. Of course I had no problem with this request… what am I doing?

So, I hopped in my mom’s car (I don’t own a car, and I hate driving, which could pose a problem for non-Manhattan living) and headed south. It was pretty exciting seeing the snow disappear into [dead] grass and the car thermostat rise. It’s sunny and 47 today and feels like spring break to me.

I made the trip from central Jersey to Richmond in about 5.5 hours, just in time to hear Nina’s story, pop a bottle of wine and order some Chinese. Being able to “be there” at the drop of a hat is another reason unemployment is awesome. Having scheduled the trip anyways, I was more than happy to spend an extra day with a friend I rarely get to see anymore.

But that’s the thing about best friends. You don’t need to see each other every day to keep the bond alive. You can go months and months without face-to-face contact, and when you’re together again it’s as if no time has passed at all. I definitely wanted to make the trip to see her before I went west or south or southwest or wherever.

I met Nina in elementary school, third grade I think. I took my first friend vacation with her and her family the summer between 5th and 6th grade and we’ve been pretty much inseparable since. Of course we’ve had ups and downs, but like all girlfriends, we bounce back, and after 20+ years of friendship we’re more like sisters.

So anyways, here I am in Richmond, hanging out and waiting for her to get out of work for the weekend. Later today I’m going to the James River Cellar to pick up some specialty wines for my sister (and perhaps sneak in a tasting). Then, I’m getting my hair did! Whooo hoooo! Why now? Because the agency in Austin is flying me down next week to continue the interview process.

I’m getting farther away from NYC and closer to finding my new, fulfilling life every day! I’m staying in Austin for 2 days, recommendations for quick eats and drinks are welcome!

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