A One-way Ticket to Paradise

As soon as my time runs out to cancel this flight without consequence, Austin will call.
As soon as my time runs out to cancel this flight without consequence, Austin will call.

The wavering is gone! West coast here I come. For weeks I’ve put my airplane ticket purchase on hold because I’ve been unsure what may arise with the agency in Austin. No, I haven’t heard back other than, we’re still making decisions. It’s been confirmed several times that I am still in the running, and for that I am excited, but I can’t just sit here and wait. I’m not doing myself any good waiting for the long, drawn out interview process to work (or not work) in my favor.

So maybe “the” wavering isn’t gone, but more accurately, mine is. On February 22, aboard a nonstop Virgin America plane, I will land at LAX to start my new west coast life. I’m staying with my talented friend Logan in North Hollywood for about a week. While there, I hope to see many friends I only know these days through Facebook, check out the L.A. scene (it is my first time after all) and even get a small freelance interview. Who knows? Anything is possible with the right outlook and attitude.

Logan's View
Logan’s View

At the end of the month I will head south. San Diego will take the place of my residence for an undetermined amount of time. This is where it gets interesting…

My brother, sister-in-law and almost 3-year-old niece live in San Diego. When we discussed me coming out there in December we set some basic and understandable ground rules that had the overall feel of let’s see what happens. My hope is that everything goes smoothly and respectfully, obviously. But everyone knows that house guests, like fish, go bad after 3 days. I hope this isn’t true. I need more time!

And speaking of time, many things are happening between now and getting on that plane. But I guess you’ll have to tune in to find out.

Bigger picture: After lots of research, I think I ultimately want to end up in Australia. I’ve been doing some investigating on creative writing programs down under and there are some really interesting and inspiring offerings. If you’ve been to the University of Sydney or the University of Western Sydney, I’d love to hear from you. Better yet, if you’ve done a writing program there (or in Australia in general), and have any advice or warnings, let me know. Applications are due around April for postgraduate courses, so I should get started. You never know, I could be blogging half way around the world by July!

But, back to reality. Time for country people things! Shoveling the never-ending falling snow from the driveway and baking brownies.

And this was taken 5 hours ago...
And this was taken 5 hours ago…

2 thoughts on “A One-way Ticket to Paradise

    1. Diana, I love that you’re keeping up with the chaos! Trust me, Maui is never far from my mind. At least Cali is closer than NYC! And of course you’re always welcome to visit Cali!

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