Day 15 – Full on Pack-a-thon

Bye stuff :(
Bye stuff 😦

I’m gonna make this short and sweet because I am busy, busy busy! My once neatly organized and meticulously decorated apartment has become a total mess. Boxes, clothes, papers and questionable items litter every square inch.

I sold my coat rack yesterday so my jackets lay anywhere and everywhere. As I write this I’m sitting on 1970s, knee length, leather and fur thrift shop find I got two years ago while shopping with Rocks. I LOVE this coat. I never wear it, but I had to have it. When I wear it I feel like an Italian mobster’s girlfriend. It’s items like this one that I can’t bring myself to part with. I wonder if it would be overkill in San Diego with some cutoffs and 80s style knee-highs.

No anilmals were hurt in this century to make this BOSS coat
No animals were hurt in this century to make this BOSS coat

Today I have sold my iPhone 4s, my TV and my bar stools. Piece by piece this place will get emptier and emptier. After my TV is picked up Sunday night I’m not sure what I will stare at anymore, besides this computer of course. It’s cleansing. It’s also extremely hard to bargain for your property. I’ve spent all day on texts and emails negotiating. No, you cannot have the phone for $40 and get it delivered to your Bronx apartment—this isn’t Dominos and you don’t have a coupon.

I’m not a fashionista. I’ve always been more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. Shoes. Shoes are my thing. I won’t spend more than $20 on a shirt, but I’ve had rent lower than a few pairs. My favorite “look” is some beat-up jeans, a slouchy shirt and some killer heels. For a look like this it can’t be 8 degrees. All week it has been miserably cold… frigid, and with a party tomorrow night I had no idea what to wear. This may be the last time I ever see some folks, gotta look fly.

So, I grabbed my very fashionable, unemployed copywriter friend who claims he can spend hours in JCrew and headed to H&M (January paychecks don’t last forever). Having a straight guy friend who likes to shop is amazing on so many levels. First, shuffling through lady clothes does not bother him. Second, if he says he’d bang me in it, it probably works (although he also said my tan, grandma bra wasn’t that bad either). $44 later I had a jumper, belt and world’s thickest tights, even though Mara says it will be the “warmest day of the week [28 degrees].”

Well, back to packing. Tomorrow is going to be an insanely fun day full of nostalgia, laughter and hopefully only joyful tears. By this time next week, I’ll be gone.

2 thoughts on “Day 15 – Full on Pack-a-thon

  1. Ryan

    OMG, Bean… just hit me. I’m literally having a mini (SUPER mini) panic reaction like yours the other night. My heart is beating quickly and I just panic-texted you to make sure you do have a phone still. You’re leaving. You’re not going to have a “place”….a home.. You won’t have….like….normal stuff. BEAN! How is this going to work??? I talk to you almost every day. Australia is like FOREVER away. Ugh….this is probably done over a more private e-mail…..sigh…..

  2. Hello my sister. Yes,you totally are having a panic attack for me. Thank you. You saved me a lot of trouble on that one, lol. I don’t need a home to feel good, and I’ll get another one eventually and if that doesn’t work out, I’ll just move in with you. Right? Thanks for encouraging me to write and following the blog. You mean the world to me, love you!

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