Day 12 – File Riot

Snap shot of my day: Cake, Gasparilla, Packing
Snap shot of my day: Cake, Gasparilla, Packing

To make up for my irresponsibility yesterday, I did so much responsible stuff today. I confirmed dentist and doctors appointments, called my insurance company for prices and coverage and checked my HSA. I have 10 days until I lose my benefits and I’m not going out without spending a little of the money I’ve already paid into it. Plus, out of all the things I want to keep throughout my life, my teeth are up there.

It snowed like hell today too, I decided to stay in and start packing. I collect Christmas ornaments of the cities I visit. One of these days I’m gonna get a Christmas tree to put them on, but anyways, I packed those first. I packed up some books I can’t get rid of, photographs, journals and trinkets. They all fit in three small parent-donated boxes.

I also went through this file box I’ve had since college. From my summer semester in Spain to course materials at SVA and freelance timesheets dated back to 2010, it was time for a file cleanse. It’s like a juice cleanse but I ate red velvet cake throughout the whole thing.

I found a picture of an old friend and I at the Gasparilla festival in Tampa, Florida, the year I went to University of Tampa (2002-2003). He’s married now. Works in finance. I’m still wandering around, with that same look of wonder and excitement on my face. Times they do change—people do not.

After hours of ditching files and organizing my life, I decided to head out into the snow to a bar. I know the bartender, Ray, and they have free wifi. I’m talking nonsense with him and “Boom” (he tells me he answers phones here at Luke’s) says he’s interested in our conversation that involves, a blog, sex life and crying. What he thinks we’re talking about sounds far more interesting than it actually is. He asks me if I’m a call girl.

I’ve gone from advertising copywriter to call girl in 12 days. I feel like Fantine in Les Miserables. Not really, she was an actual prostitute, I’m just a girl in a bar late afternoon, sitting alone, drinking vodka and taping away on my keyboard.

I forgive “Boom” for asking me if I beat men for money and he says he could get me a job on the west coast. And another beautiful friendship is developed here in Manhattan while holding down a couple of bar stools.


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