Day 10 – Lazy Sunday


The Broncos and Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl. I’m not really that interested, but I feel like I should know who is playing in Super Bowl 48, it is in my backyard after all. (Side note: did anyone else think it was weird when Sherman freaked out during Erin Andrew’s interview at the end of the game? See it here: I can imagine how Airbnb must be blowing up with Jersian’s and NY’ers alike renting out spare rooms and even couches. I’ve used the site many times to rent out my apartment while away, and it’s pure genius. Creates an income for strapped people like myself, and gives out-of-towners a more affordable way to enjoy this great city.

Speaking of this great city, meeting random people at any hour of any day is one of the reasons I will miss this place. Last night was a success, and I had a great time over-carbing with my girlfriends, Andrea and Dona. After a couple of bottles of delicious Spanish wine, I believe it’s called Amor (a red similar to pinot noir); we headed out on the town.

The three of us ended up meeting a group of guys, old friends from Staten Island and joining them at Horseshoe Bar. I think this is the same bar they filmed a lot of scenes from Rescue Me starring Denis Leary. Anyways, in this group was an incredible man that I endearingly saved in my phone as “Italian John.”

John told me a story I won’t soon forget. A couple of years ago, he was in a swimming accident that rendered him wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life. As a good-looking, athletic 20-something, one may think he’d become depressed, feel robbed of a life he didn’t get to live, but he’s nothing like that. He’s optimistic, funny, engaging and full of spirit. It’s people like him, and stories like his that make me believe anything is possible with the right attitude and open mind.

After last night, I did some thinking, here are my Top 5 reasons I will miss and not miss NYC:

Miss List

  1. Opportunity to meet a different person, every day at any time
  2. Getting literally anything you want delivered, day or night
  3. Living alone, I’ll probably have to take a break from that for a while
  4. The amazing friendships I’ve developed
  5. Changing NYC seasons, in between cold-as-hell and hot-as-shit is perfection

 Not-miss List

  1. Commuting, there’s nothing like being stuffed into a subway train everyday
  2. Caught in the pouring rain, freezing cold, sweltering heat, hail, winds, etc
  3. The prices of EVERYTHING
  4. Lines everywhere. From bars to bathrooms to getting through revolving doors
  5. Carrying tons of stuff, groceries, laundry, gym bag, laptop bag, NO CAR




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