Day 7 – With a Little Help From My Friends

Best friends minus that random bride lady
Best friends minus that random bride lady

I can’t help but to notice that there are so many awesome songs about friendship. From the Beatles to Queen and then the crew from Saved by the Bell had their hit single, Friends Forever. Friendship is just everywhere and it’s awesome.

I happen to have a group of friends that makes the Friends cast look lame. We do a lot of the same things, but except coffee it’s alcohol and except trips to Las Vegas and London it’s a free beach house near the cape (thanks mom and dad!).

I am one lucky lady to know a group like this. We actually have a name given to us by a creative director at our old agency, St. Elmo’s Fire. Yes, it’s also the name of an 80s movie where for some reason this group of 20-somethings can’t get their shit together… ah, now I get it.

Anyways, since I met this group in 2011, we’ve done everything together. And I mean some of us have really done everything (wink, wink). We also fight, and with 4 copywriters and 3 art directors, and occasionally an account guy known as Snowflake, there is never a lack of opinion or personality. Have you ever been out-witted by a sharp-tongued copywriter, that shit stings. One such person is my dear, dear friend, Mara.

This girl is a firecracker. I’ve never met anyone like her. If I were into “that”, I’d totally buy her dinner more often. She’s a marathon runner, she’ll go to the gym in -4 degree weather, she’s working on a book, she’s the only writer at the #15 fastest growing agency, she’s just fucking rad. But above all, she’s a sick friend. She is the type that will bail you out of jail, come to your apartment which is wicked far from the subway just to help you pick out a date outfit and take time out of her busy life to help you get through [another] break up. I’m also seeing her in about 45 minutes because she’s letting me use her office to take a video interview. (Remember that shitty internet connection?)

The Penrose has great lighting
The Penrose has great lighting

I have another friend I couldn’t get through living in NYC without. Rocks. I mentioned him once before. Fun Fact about Rocks, he turns 31 tomorrow. Last night we went out to a bar we like, The Penrose. They have a killer scotch and whisky collection, just ask my hangover.

Rewind…I met Rocks through a friend of a friend. After DJ left me without a place to live in 2011, I basically begged to live in his 3-bedroom apartment in Astoria. He lived with a male comedian who wasn’t around much and as soon as he said yes he became my new best friend.

I moved in April 2011. He watched me struggle through the breakup, helped me find my pain in the bottom of bottles, helped me back up again when I thought I could stand on my own but couldn’t. This stranger, who owed me nothing, was my brother. Still is.

Rocks is also unlucky in love. He’s either too sweet or too NYC. What does that mean? When he’s into a girl he’s always there for her, nicest guy in the world and some girls can take that for granted. When he’s playing the field, he’s a total douche. I’ve never been on the receiving end of one of his lines, but they work. I’ve seen it. One time I was headed to the kitchen for a midnight glass of water. The lights were off, and coincidentally he was coming in. But before he entered, a woozy-looking Russian girl stopped dead in her tracks. She starred at me. She then said, “Are you a ghost?” I’m not kidding. That happened and those are the types of girls he was “becoming friendly with.”

But, Rocks isn’t really that guy. He’s 31 now. He’s mature and successful and I’m glad we are besties. Rocks is also the reason I met N. But that story is for another day.



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