Day 2 – Warm and Wet

Who says we need to grow up?
Who says we need to grow up?

I just dropped my iPhone 5 into a massive river of running water streaming alongside York Avenue. Great. So, after a week of dealing with the polar vortex and snow and 4 degree temps, it’s now melting with this 58-degree high and non-stop rain. That’s the thing about running errands in New York City. Your hands are full, it’s raining, you’re on the phone making plans, and then BOOM! Guess this would be a good time to be happy I haven’t sold my iPhone 4s.

Day 2 of unemployment has not been as fun as day 1.  Mostly because at my age, partying till 4am affects me for at least the next 15 hours. I’m exhausted and my body hurts from sleeping on a friend’s couch. Yes, I still do that. It was worth it though. I was home in New Jersey, and it was a dear friend’s 30th birthday. I have known this guy for 21 years. Holy shit. The fact that I have been friends with him, and others, for over 2 decades blows my mind.

The fact that I have friends who own suburban houses, have kids, are married, are engaged, are divorced, etc. It all blows my mind. That’s the thing about this 13-mile long island; you sort of forget what the realities of the world are. 30-year-old’s embrace Peter Pan Syndrome and avoid growing up, committing and settling down.* Yet, another reason I am ready to embark on this adventure into the unknown.

I’m glad I went to NJ. It may have been my last chance to say goodbye to some friends before I head cross-country—or maybe even across the world. I spent a good amount of time fantasizing about freelancing in Australia yesterday. I guess I have some research to do…

*I too suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome. My longest relationship without cheating, lying or “a break” is probably 6 months long and I constantly reverberate the saying, Do not grow up, it is a trap.

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